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Concrete Stairs

Concrete has become the preferred material for contractors when it comes to foundations, driveways, and patios. Due to its longevity, durability, and low-maintenance, concrete is a reliable building material. Investing in a concrete stairway will guarantee a long-lasting product that will stand the test of time.

Mountain Top Concrete, Inc. is the leading provider of poured concrete stairs and precast concrete steps. Our reputation for high-quality installation and repair services has been our pride and joy. When you trust us with the construction of your home or property, you can rest assured that you’ve chosen to work with professionals.

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Concrete Step Repairs by Mountain Top Concrete, Inc.

Transform your broken, uneven stairs into safe and stable steps that can be walked on as soon as our repairs are finished. Concrete step repair is a cost-effective alternative to tearing out the concrete and starting from scratch. 

Most of our repair services can be completed in a day with minimal damage to your hardscape or surrounding landscape. We can get the job done in a hassle-free manner so that you can have your steps functional as soon as possible.

Fast and Easy Concrete Stair Installation

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete steps are fabricated and then delivered straight to your door, ready to be installed. Mountain Top Concrete, Inc. manufactures high-strength and steel-enforced concrete in many shapes and sizes. The advantages that come with using precast concrete steps are that they are speedy and easy to install, making them a great option when considering your choices.

Poured Concrete

Another method used by our contractors is pouring concrete steps. Pouring cement steps in place will give you an extremely sturdy surface with the necessary strength to incorporate handrails. This method allows for modifications to be made on-site if necessary, as concrete is a very versatile material. It is essential to keep in mind that you won’t be able to walk on your stairs for several days once construction begins.

Affordable Concrete Resurfacing

Normally, your concrete steps will need to be resurfaced throughout the years, especially if they are prone to high traffic. Deteriorating steps can be an eyesore as well as a safety hazard to those using them daily. Instead of viewing this as a setback, it can be seen as an opportunity to give your stairs a brand-new look while increasing the security of your home or property. 

Whether you are looking to improve your property or are getting ready to sell it in a competitive market, resurfacing your stairs will add excellent curb appeal to the front of your building. By resurfacing your steps, you can be sure that they will last much longer without the cost attached to replacing them.

Get the Concrete Stairs You Need

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As an experienced concrete stair contractor, we value our customers. We are always willing to work with them to make sure they are satisfied throughout the entire process of installing, repairing, or resurfacing their stairs.

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